Selena Gomez Has Strained Relationship With Her Mom

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publié le 29 décembre 2017 - durée 0:54 - catégorie : people

We never like to hear of a strain between mothers and daughters, but it sounds like that’s exactly what’s happening with Selena Gomez and her mom. Rumor has it Selena and her momager, Mandy Teefey, have a strained relationship for over three years after they parted ways as manager and client. Back in 2014 Selena surrounded herself with a new executive team, and their professional relationship caused a major rift between the mother and daughter. And now with Justin Bieber back in Selena’s life… we can assume things are getting worse. Not that long ago there were reports that Selana’s family was very unhappy that she reunited with her former flame, and there were some publications claiming that he wouldn’t be able to spend Christmas with her because her family forbade it. But a source told E ! News that Selena’s bond with her mom is strong, and she’s the person that means to the most to her. The source added that they have a really complicated relationship and they’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs.